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St. Louis Jewish Community

The St. Louis Jewish community has been around for more than 200 years, and has a vibrant Jewish life.

Visiting St. Louis

St. Louis is an amazing city to live in with some wonderful attractions. When you come, make sure to check out our science center and our zoo.

Better yet, come visit for a Shabbos or just a few days and see what there is to love about our community.

Mikvah Association

The Vaad maintains a fully functioning mikvah for ritual immersion.  

Kosher in St. Louis

The St. Louis Vaad Hoeir ensures a wide variety of kosher options.  


See the Vaad Hoeir's Kashrus section for more information and updates.

N'shei Women's Division

Women play a large part in making our community what it is. See what opportunities we have for women to get involved.



The St. Louis Jewish community has multiple options for Jewish schools.

Volunteer Groups

Not every day is the best. Our community has a number of initiatives to make sure that anyone who needs help gets it.

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Shabbos here is a walk in the park...literally. Feel free to take your little ones out on Shabbos with an Eruv that covers our whole neighborhood.

St. Louis Kollel

The St. Louis Kollel is a part of our vibrant Torah community, offering classes and inspirational programs for Jews of all backgrounds.

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